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Getting disposable local phone numbers is easy as pie.

Simple pay-as-you-go pricing makes it easy for you to know what you’re paying and why.
We charge a per-minute rate for calls, a per-message rate for text message, and a monthly rate for phone numbers.

You can have as many disposable phone numbers as you want from us
without revealing your real phone number to strangers.

When you use a disposable phone number,
the calls you receive can be forwarded to your real phone number,
and when you make a call the number revealed to the other party is your disposable temporary number.

Whether you're putting up a sublet on Craigslist or selling your old sneaks on eBay,
temporary phone numbers are a great way
to contact strangers (or vice versa) without having to give up your real digits.

Disposable numbers add that extra layer of privacy
when communication is necessary, but email just won't do.

How Does It Work?

1.Sign Up For An Account.

2.You choose your NEW Disposable Phone Number Instantly!

3.You choose where you'd like your new disposable number
to ring (home, office, cell phone, etc).

4.Callers dial your new Disposable number and
our system routes all calls to your personal number you've chosen.
But, anonymous callers won't reach you. We block them automatically.

Open Account

1.Go To Sign Up section

2.Fill out the form and submit it.

3.Once your payment comes through,
you automatically get logged in.

How To Get A Disposable Phone Number

1.Once you logged in, you will see your account balance and
phone number search box.

2.Type A Desired Area Code of Phone Number and
Click on search button.

3.Choose a number you want, click on BUY button.

4.Once you get a new disposable phone number,
you are good to go and read
How to make a call and
How to send a message

5.Don't forget to save a new disposable number in your phone's contacts

When using your disposable number,
make sure your voicemail does not disclose information
you wish to keep private.

How To Make A Call

For a smart phone or a dumb phone

1.Text a phone number that you wish to make a call to,
to your disposable phone number

2.Your disposable phone number receives the number you sent,
it will call your phone back.

3.Answer it, it will tell you that
it's about to connect you to the destination number. That is it.

For a landline phone
Of Course, you can use this method on your smart phone too

1.Dial your disposable phone number

2.Listen and It will ask you enter the number you wish to make a call to

3.Enter the number and it will connect you.

How To Send A Text Message

1.In To section, type Your Purchased Disposable Number

2.In Message section, type a phone number that you wish to send a message to,
then a colon and
then type message you wanna send
then click "Send" Button.
For example, "(817) 444-5555:Hi Sara, it is Mike"

Basically, Interact With Your Disposable Phone Number


There are several useful commands you can use.
Every command word ends with an exclamation mark.
For example: "Balance!"
All Commands need to be sent to your disposable number.
Your disposable number receives them, it will respond accordingly.

1.Command "Balance!"
it will show your account balance.

2.Command "Block!"
It will show phone numbers you blocked.
To block a phone number,
send "Block!(817) 444-5555"
to your disposable phone number.

2.Command "Unblock!"
It will show phone numbers you blocked.
To unblock a phone number,
send "Unblock!(817) 444-5555"
to your disposable phone number.